I Samuel 1-6: To Honor God Or Not

(1) What word is used three times to show how Elkanah’s family honored God (1:3, 19, 26)?   What did that look like?

By application, what does that look like for us?

(1-2) In what ways does Hannah show honor to God?

How does the end of her prayer (2:10) foreshadow later events in this book and beyond?

(2) How does the rest of the chapter contrast Samuel and Eli’s sons as it relates to honoring God?

What applications might we find here for today?

(3) How does the author’s comment in 3:7 contrast to what we learned about Samuel in chapter 2?

In what ways might we see this contrast today?

(3) How does Samuel show honor to God? How does God respond?

(4) After Israel is defeated in v1-2, what smart idea do they have?  Are they honoring God or not?  Why?

How is this different from Hannah’s prayer in chapter 1?

When are we tempted to treat God like Israel did?

(5-6) How do the Philistines treat God at the beginning?  How does God respond?

How do the Philistines change their approach to God?  What do they decide to do?

(6) How do the people of Beth-shemesh treat God?  What happens?

What can we learn from the Philistines and the people of Beth-shemesh?


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