Reflections on I Samuel 4-6

Israel was fighting the Philistines, so they brought the ark to the battlefield thinking it would help them.  Instead they lose the battle…and the ark.

  • Good luck charm – Rather than seek the Lord’s help with the battle, they bring the ark to the battle. They treat it as a good luck charm.  Are there objects in your life that you treat as good luck charms?  Not only does Israel treat the ark like a good luck charm, but since the ark represents God’s presence, they also treat God that way.  They thought they could manipulate God.  If they brought the ark, God would have to perform for them.  Do you treat God that way?
  • God’s Sovereign Power – The Philistines take the ark, but they soon learn that God is not one to trifle with. They place the ark in their temple only to find their idol bowing down to the ark.  Then God sends a plague upon them.  They are so hard-pressed that they finally send it back to Israel.  What powers do you see in this world?  How does this reminder of God’s sovereign power encourage you?  Will you trust in God’s sovereign power?

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