I Samuel 7-12: Where Is Your Heart?

(7) What three instructions does Samuel give in v3?  How are they related to each other?

What commentary does this verse give to our culture’s obsession with the call to “just follow your heart”?

How does God respond to their repentance to further woo their hearts in this chapter?  How has God wooed your heart?

(8) On what are the hearts of Samuel’s sons set?

On what are the hearts of the people of Israel set in this chapter?  Why (v5, 20)?

How are we tempted in similar ways?

Samuel’s warnings of what a king will mean for them falls on deaf ears.  What are some examples of people whose hearts are set on something and so refuse to accept warnings?

(9-11) What characteristics does Saul have that might seem to make him a good choice for a king?  What concerns might there be?  How would you describe his heart?

God’s Spirit comes upon Saul making him a new man with a new heart to lead the people and fight their enemies (10:6, 9; 11:6).  So God is ultimately responsible for their victory over the Ammonites, as Saul himself recognizes (11:13).  Why is that important for the people to remember?  For us?

God touches the hearts of many men of valor to fight with Saul.  What has God placed on your heart?

(12) What instructions does Samuel give in v20-25?  What incentives are provided?

What are some empty things the world chases after that we might be tempted to also chase after?

What would it look like to serve God with all your heart?


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