II Samuel 1-7: David Becomes King

(1) How does David respond to Saul’s death (v17-27)?  How does this relate to Jesus’ call to love our enemies?

What should this call look like in our own lives today?  Be specific.

(1) How might David’s response to the Amalekite relate to our culture’s current obsession with assisted suicide?

(2-4) Why does Joab kill Abner?  How does David respond?  Why?

How does David respond to the murder of Ishbosheth?  Why?

How are David’s responses informative for us today as we think about our own leaders?

(5) How does David respond when the Philistines come against him, and how is his response instructive for us?

When did you respond in this way during the past week?

(6) What principles do we learn about worship in v1-11?  In v12-19?

How might we apply these principles to our worship today?

(7) David wants to build a house for the Lord, but instead God will build a house for David.  What promises does God make to David in v12-16?

In what ways are these verses fulfilled in Solomon?

In what ways are these verses fulfilled in Jesus?

How does David respond to God’s promises in v18-29?  What principles about worship can we learn from his response?


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