Passion Points

Here are some good posts for your weekend reading:

Spiritual Disciplines and the Sinkhole Syndrome – Donald Whitney (Ligonier)
Pursue the Lord with a relentless, lifelong, obstacle-defying passion. Resolve never to let your daily life keep you from Jesus daily.

Lay Aside Every Suitcase – Tim Challies
A suitcase is a perfectly good thing that may just kill you in an emergency evacuation. It is a perfectly good thing, but it isn’t good enough to risk your life for. And our lives are full of good things that may just slow us down, that may just hinder us from matters that are far more important—matters of eternal consequence.

Thank God For Your Job (Doesn’t Matter What Your Job Is!) – Tim Challies
As you enjoy rest from your labors, why don’t you take a bit of time to thank God for your labors. No matter what they are, they are evidence of his kindness and mercy toward you.

How to Help Your Children Become Better Sermon Listeners – David Prince
These thoughts are certainly not exhaustive and you may have other creative ways that come to mind, but the key is to not act like getting them in the building is the end of your parental responsibility.

Hope you have a great Lord’s Day!


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