II Samuel 15-19: Hurting and Helping

(15-19) In 12:10-12, Nathan predicted several consequences to David’s sin.  How do we see these predictions come true in chapters 15-19?

(15-19) What words would you use to describe Absalom?

What evidence do you see of his pride?

What contrast do you see in David?

How does Hushai use Absalom’s pride to help David?

(15-19) David’s sin and Absalom’s pride doesn’t just cause hurt to themselves.  Who else is negatively affected by their sin, and how?

What principle or warning do you see for our own lives today?

(15-19) In midst of this mess, we see numerous examples of loyalty and friendship.  How do each of the following show loyalty to David, and how are they an example for us?

  • His servants –
  • Ittai the Gittite –
  • Abiathar and Zadok –
  • Hushai –
  • Shobi, Machir, and Barzillai –
  • Joab –

How do you need to be a better friend?


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