II Samuel 20-24: Sin and Salvation

(20) Summarize this chapter.

What was Sheba’s sin, and what were the consequences?

How would you describe Joab from this chapter and earlier chapters?

(21) What was Saul’s sin?  What were the consequences?  What was their solution?

What does their solution tell you about sin?  How might their solution point to Jesus?

Do you think their solution was God’s will?

(21, 23) What do 21:15-22 and 23:8-39 tell you about David’s success in battle and as king?

What spiritual principle is there for us to recognize?

(22-23) According to David, what was the ultimate source of his success as king?  How is David saved from his enemies?

Which verses in chapter 22 especially speak to you?

How might 23:1-7 point to Jesus?

(24) What was David’s sin?  What were the consequences?  Does that seem fair?  Can you think of contemporary examples?

How might this principle relate to Adam and Jesus?

How would you further describe Joab from this chapter?

How do David’s last actions in the book point to Jesus?


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