Psalms 21-30: Different Types of Psalms

(28) What is David doing in v1-2? How might you use these verses in your trials?

What trial is David facing according to v3-5?  What trials are you facing?

How does the psalm change in v6-9?  Have you experienced this change in your prayers?

(23) Why do you think this psalm is so popular?

How does it specifically encourage you right now?

(30) What is David doing in this psalm?

For what recent event in your own life could you use this psalm as your own prayer?

(29) For what does David praise the Lord in this psalm?

How might this psalm help you to praise the Lord?

(22) How does this psalm point to Jesus (see especially v1, 16, 18)?

How might it have helped Jesus?  How might it help you?

(21-30) Which verse(s) or psalm especially speaks to you, and why?


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