Reflections on Psalms 21-25

Which psalm or verse especially reflects your heart today?  Use those words to talk to the Lord.

  • Trust – Again and again, David speaks of trusting God (21:7, 22:4-9, 25:2). Psalm 23 is a psalm expressing his trust in God.  In what situations do you need to trust God today?  How might the words of Psalm 23 help you?
  • Forgiveness and Instruction – David seeks God’s mercy, asking God not remember his past sins (25:6-7). He asks God to pardon his guilt (25:11) and forgive his sins (25:18).  But he goes further.  He also wants God to instruct him in God’s ways, in God’s truth, in what is right (25:4-5, 8-9).  For what sins do you need to seek forgiveness?  Will you then seek God’s help to overcome those sins in the future that you might follow God’s ways?

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