Psalms 41-50: Coming Together into God’s Presence

(42-43) With what attitude should we come together into God’s presence according to 42:1-4 & 43:3-4?

Why is our attitude important as we come together?  What affect will it have on our gathering?  On ourselves?

With what attitude do you come to church?

(50) What do you learn about God in v1-6?  How should that affect the way we come together into His presence?

Why wasn’t God pleased with the way Israel came before Him in v7-23?  How might we come in similar ways today?

How should we come instead?

How do you come?  In what ways might you need to change your approach?

(48) What two things does the Psalmist say they do as they come together into God’s presence in v9-11?

In what ways do we do these same two things as we come together?

(47) How might this psalm help us to praise the Lord as we come together?  For what can we praise Him?

(41-50) Which verse(s) or psalm especially speaks to you, and why?


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