Psalms 51-60: God Our Helper

(52-53, 58-59) How does David describe the wicked who have come against him in these psalms?

(52, 55-56) How does David respond when people come against him according to 52:8, 55:23, 56:3-4?

How are we often tempted to respond when people come against us?

How do you need to apply David’s response to your own life?

(54-59) How else does David respond when people come against him (54:1-3, 55:1-3, 56:1-2, 57:1, 59:1-2)?  What is he looking for?

Name one situation in your life today in which you need to follow David’s example.  Stop and do it now!

(52-60) In response to David, what does God do for David?

What does God do with the wicked?

How can this encourage you when you have others come against you?

(52, 54, 57, 59) How does David respond to what God has done for him (52:9, 54:6-7, 57:7-11, 59:16-17)?

For what situations in your own life can you do the same?

(51) Sometimes you are the person acting wickedly.  How might you use this psalm to help you confess and repent your sins?

(51-60) Which verse(s) or psalm especially speaks to you, and why?

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