Psalms 61-70: Seek the Lord and Rejoice in Him

(61, 69, 70) What is David seeking in these psalms (61:1-2, 69:1, 70:1)?

Why is David confident in doing this (61:3, see also 62:1-2)?

(63) What is David seeking in Psalm 63:1 (see also 69:32, 70:4)?

What words in v1 help us understand the intensity of David’s seeking?

How might we seek what David was seeking (v2, 6, 8, see also 62:8)?

(63, 65) As we seek and find God, our response ought to be praise and rejoicing (70:4).  What divine attributes and actions lead us to this response?

Psalm 63 –

Psalm 65 –

How have you experienced God in one of these ways?

(66) For what awesome deeds of the Lord might you use this psalm as your testimony?

(66, 67, 68) As we experience and testify to God’s awesome deeds, what further goal do we have (66:4, 67:3-5, 68:32)?

(51-60) Which verse(s) or psalm especially speaks to you, and why?


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