Psalms 71-80: Remember and Teach

(74) What does Asaph ask God to remember in v2, 18, 22-23?

Does God forget?  What does Asaph mean?

(79) What does Asaph ask God not to remember in v8?

Can God forget?  What does Asaph mean?

(77) What does Asaph want to remember in v3, 6, 11?

Why is remembering so important?

(78) What did Israel fail to remember in v10-11, 40-42?

What actions go along with their forgetting in these verses?

How are their actions and their forgetting related?

Read v35-37.  Is remembering enough?  What must go with it?

(78) Not only are we to remember, but we are then also to teach the next generation (v4-8).  What are we to teach?  Why?

What application do we find here for parents?  For the church?  For children and youth?

(71) Go through the psalm noting each occurrence of the following words (or their synonyms): hope, refuge, praise, tell.  How would you describe his testimony?  What has God done in your life?

He wants to tell others about what God has done in his life (v15-18).  Who could you tell this week?

(73) What causes Asaph to almost stumble (v1-14)?  What is he afraid his words might do (v15)?  Where does he find his answer, and what is the answer (v16-20)?  What blessings does he have in God (v23-28)?  What application do you need to make in your life?

(71-80) Which verse(s) or psalm especially speaks to you, and why?


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