Psalms 101-109: The Love Of God

(102, 104) How would you describe God according to 102:25-27 and 104:1-35?

(103) How would you describe people – morally (v6-12) and physically (v13-18)?  How does this contrast with God?

How does God respond to us (v8, 11-12, 17)?

(105-106) God demonstrates his love towards his people by remembering his covenant with them (106:45).  Trace the ways he remembered his covenant (105:7-11) to Israel in these two psalms.

How are his actions towards Israel good examples of love?

How should God’s people respond to his love (105:1-6, 45; 106:1, 47)?  What might this look like in our daily lives?

(107) For each of the following passages, describe the situation, God’s loving response, and how we should respond:

v4-9 –

v10-16 –

v17-22 –

v23-32 –

(101, 108, 109) How should we further respond to God’s love in 101:1-8, 108:1-5, 109:21-26?

(101-109) Which verse(s) or psalm especially speaks to you, and why?



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