Psalms 110-118: All Glory To The One True God

(115) When are we tempted to glory in ourselves (v1)?  Why?

(115) How does the psalmist respond to the nations’ taunt in v2-3?

How does God’s ability compare to the nations’ idols (v3-7)?

How would you define an idol (see v8 for a hint)?

What are some modern idols in our culture today?  Which idols are you tempted to follow?

What does the psalmist mean when he says people become like their idols (v8)?

(115) Unlike the idols, our God can act.  How does God act towards his people in v9-15?

(111, 113-114, 118) What further examples of God’s actions toward his people do you find in 111:5-9, 113:7-9, 114:1-8, and 118:13-16?

(115) Why then should we glory in God and not ourselves (v1)?

(115) How should we respond to God’s actions toward us?

v9-11 (118:8-9) –

v18 (111:1, 113:1-3, 117:1-2, 118:28-29) –

v11, 13 (111:10) –

(110, 118) How do the following passages point to Jesus?

118:22-24 (Matthew 21:42) –

118:26 (Matthew 21:9) –

110:1-3 (Matthew 22:41-45) –

110:4 (Hebrews 5-7) –

(110-118) Which verse(s) or psalm especially speaks to you, and why?


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