Psalms 120-129: Our Helper

(120, 123, 124, 129) In what difficult situations does the psalmist need help in these psalms?

In what ways do you face similar situations today?

(120-121, 123) To whom does the psalmist look for help?

What picture does the psalmist paint in Psalm 123?  How is this a helpful picture?

(121, 124) Where does our help come from (121:1-2, 124:8)?  Why is it important for us to grasp this?  Where else might we look?

What does the psalmist say about his helper in those verses?  Why is that important?

(121) In what ways does God keep us according to this psalm?  How have you experienced this?

(125) Not only does God help and keep us, but he also surrounds us (v2).  How is this a helpful picture?

(122) What help does the psalmist seek for Jerusalem?  Why?

What reasons do we have to be glad to go to the house of the Lord today?  Were you glad to come today?

(127) What help do we need from God in our work (v1-2)?  What lessons can we learn from this truth?

What help do we need from the Lord in our families?  How does this recognition affect our view of children?  How does this recognition compare with our culture’s various views?

(120-129) Which verse(s) or psalm especially speaks to you, and why?


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