Psalms 130-140: Approaching Our God

(139) What do you learn about our great God in each of these passages, and what does that mean for our lives?

V1-6 –

V7-12 –

V13-18 (138:8) –

In response to God, how does David view God’s enemies?  How should we view God’s enemies?

What does he recognize about himself (v23-24)?  Do you pray these words?

(136) This psalm celebrates God’s love in his creation (v4-9), his redemption (v10-16), and his preservation (v17-25).  How do we see God’s love in each of these actions?

How should we respond to his great love (v1-3, 26)?  What keeps us from responding more in this way?

(130-134) These psalms are the final songs of ascents, sung as the people went to Jerusalem to appear before God.  From these psalms, how should we approach our great loving God?  Why?

130 –

131 (138:6) –

132 –

133 –

134 (135:1-3) –

(130-140) Which verse(s) or psalm especially speaks to you, and why?


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