The Theme of Revelation

Theme: Behold the Coming of Our Triumphant King

Behold: Behold the visions John saw and recorded.
Coming: Jesus is coming soon.  Even so, come, Lord Jesus!
King: Jesus reigns as king over all.
Triumphant King: Jesus will defeat all his enemies when he returns.
Our Triumphant King: No matter how bad things look, we are on the winning side.  Because Jesus wins, so will we.

So let us live with courageous hope.  No matter what we face, we can have courage today because we have a sure hope for the future.

So let us live with faithful endurance.  In the face of persecution, temptations, and suffering, let us endure faithfully for our King.

So let us live with awe-filled worship.  We have a great King who is worthy of all praise, glory, and honor, so let us worship him in awe.


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