Psalm 119: Get Into The Book!

(119) List the things we are to do with God’s Word.  Try to break your list into several summary categories.

How do your categories relate to each other?

(119) Read v2 and v10.  Why is a heart for God the necessary starting point for all the things we are do with God’s Word?  What happens if it isn’t our starting point?

(119) What value does God’s Word have for us (v9, v11, 24, 28, 50, 98-100, 105)?  How could remembering its value spur us on to delight in God’s Word?  Learn it?  Obey it?

(119) How does this psalm describe God’s Word (v89, 96, 128, 151, 160)?  Why is this important if we are going to trust it (v42)?

Why is trust essential if we are learn and obey God’s Word?

(119) What different ways does the psalm mention for learning God’s Word?  What are you doing to learn God’s Word?

What keeps you from learning God’s Word and why?  What will you do about it?

(119) As we learn the Word, we must also obey it.  What might keep you from obeying God’s Word?  What will you do about it?


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