Psalm 119 Reflections

Which psalm or verse especially reflects your heart today?  Use those words to talk to the Lord.

  • Heart – The psalmist seeks the Lord with his whole heart (v2, 10). His heart is in awe of God’s Word (161).  He wants God to incline his heart to God’s Word (v36).  He keeps God’s Word with his whole heart (v34, 69).  Why is the heart so important?  How is your heart?
  • Value – God’s Word is valuable! His Word guards our way (v9), keeps us from sin (v11), counsels and guides us with wisdom for our lives (v24, 98-100, 105), strengthens us (v28), and comforts us (v50).  In what ways have you experienced the value of God’s Word?  How might remembering its value spur you on to learn and live it?

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