I Kings 6-10: The Temple

(6-7) The Picture: How would you describe the temple building and its furnishings?  What is it supposed to convey about God?

(6, 9) The Promise: What promise does God make to Solomon regarding the temple in 6:11-13 and 9:4-9?  How do we see this play out in later history?

(8) The Presence: What happens after the ark is brought into the temple (v10-11)?  What does this tell us about God?

Where does God dwell according to v13, 27, & 30?  What twin truths does this tell us about God?  How should we respond?

(8) The Prayer: What is the repeated request in Solomon’s prayer (v28-53)?

What does this prayer tell us about our nature and our need?

Describe the interplay between God and people as it relates to our hearts (v39-40, 57-58, 61).  How should we respond?

(8) The Purpose: What is one important purpose of the temple (v43, 60)?  How well did Israel fulfill this purpose?  How well do we?

(6, 8) The Preview: How does 8:19 point forward to Jesus and a greater temple (see Ephesians 2:19-22)?

How do 6:11-22 preview a final temple in Revelation 21?


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