Reflections on Proverbs 16-17

Which proverb especially speaks to your life situation today?  How should you respond?

  • Pride – The Lord hates and punishes pride (16:5). Pride leads to destruction (16:18).  What examples have you seen of pride leading to one’s downfall?  It is better to be humble and poor, than proud and rich (16:19).  Do you believe this?  Really?  In what areas are you tempted to be proud?
  • Before the Lord – The Lord tests our hearts (17:3). We may think we are good, but the Lord weighs our spirits (16:2).  What does God see when he looks at you?  What sin do you need to turn away from out of reverence for God (16:6)?  Thank God for his love and faithfulness by which our sins are paid for (16:6)!

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