Passion Points

Here are some good posts for your weekend reading:

You May Not Love What You Think – James K.A. Smith (DG)
How am I curating my heart? What liturgies and rituals am I giving myself over to? What cultural practices am I allowing to shape my heart habits, perhaps without realizing it? What am I learning to love without realizing it?

The Problem of Nice and the Promise of New – Michael Lawrence (Crossway)
No churches ever explicitly teach the religion of nice. In fact, they typically teach the exact opposite. But those same churches are filled with people who believe that God will accept them based on how good they’ve been. I’ve heard it on too many living rooms couches and nursing home beds. Not perfect—no one ever says that—but good enough.

Are You Content To Carry the Pins? – Tim Challies
God called some Levites to carry the ark, and some to carry the pins, the tent pegs. But whether they carried the most holy or the most common items, their responsibility was to answer God’s call and to faithfully and joyfully carry out their task. We can learn from them.

Spiritual Growth Comes From Community – Jen Oshman
My encouragement to young moms, or busy students, or stressed businessmen and women is this: put yourself in a role that will require you to show up at your local church week after week. Rather than sidelining activities that will feed your spiritual growth, put yourself at the very center of them. With both gratitude and humility I see clearly that I owe my spiritual growth over the last two decades to the accountability and community of the local church.

Hope you have a great Lord’s Day growing with your local church.


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