Ecclesiastes 1-6: Life With or Without God

(1) Life Without God: Why does the writer say all is vanity in v2-11?

(1-6) What pursuits of life does the writer explore in the following passages and conclude are only vanity?

1:16-18 –

2:1-11 –

2:12-23 –

4:1-8, 13-16 –

5:10-17 –

6:1-12 –

How does the writer’s assessment strike at the heart of our culture?

(3) Life With God: What phrases remind us that God is in control of time in v1-11?

What is God’s gift to mankind (v13 & 22, see also 2:24-25, 5:18-20)?

How does the writer describe God’s work in v14?  How does his work compare to ours?

How do v1-14 point to the only place to find meaning in life?

(3, 5) How should we respond to God in 3:14?  Why (see v1-13)?

How should we approach God according to v1-7?  Why?

(4) Other than God, what is the one thing in life that the writer does not proclaim to be vanity (9-12)?  Why?

How should the writer’s assessment adjust our priorities in life?


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