Reflections on Job 22-24

Eliphaz continues to insist that Job needs to return to the Lord.  Job still wants to present his case to God.

  • Treasure – Eliphaz calls for Job to make God his treasure – to delight in God (22:25-26). Job later says he treasures God’s words (23:12).  What is your treasure?  Do you treasure God?  How does that show in your life?  Do you treasure his words?  How does that show in your life?
  • Poor – Both Eliphaz and Job speak of how the rich oppress the poor. Eliphaz notes it as an accusation against Job – a reason he may be suffering.  Job says that God often doesn’t punish oppressors, sometimes they prosper in this life.  Regardless of how God may deal with each oppressor in this life, are you oppressing the poor in any way?  How can you help those with less than you?

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