Job 29-35: Overcoming Sin and Discouragement

(29-30) How does Job describe his life before his suffering began?

How does Job describe his life now?

Count the number of times Job uses the words “I,” “me,” and “my.”  What does this suggest to you about Job?  What do you think Job needs right now?

(31) List the sins that Job says he has avoided.

In what ways does our culture tempt us with these sins?

Are we serious about overcoming these sins?  Are there any of these sins that you need to repent of?

(32) How would you describe Elihu?

Elihu felt that he must enter the conversation and correct all the wrong thinking.  When are you tempted in this way?  What is needed to overcome?

(33) According to Elihu, what does God do to turn people from evil?  Do you think Elihu is right?

How must people respond to God’s drawing?

(34) What is Elihu’s argument in this chapter?  Where have you heard this before?

(34) What is Elihu’s point in v21-22?  How might this truth help us overcome sin and discouragement?

(35) What does God do for us in v10?  How would this help us to overcome discouragement?  Have you ever experienced this?


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