Passion Points

Here are some good posts for your weekend reading:

Souls Need Songs: How God Shapes Us Through Singing – Hayden Nesbit (DG)
God made our souls for song. Scripture brims with God’s call for his people to sing his praises. Something about singing refreshes and reorients our souls

8 Ways to Measure Your Love for the Bible – Tim Challies
Here are a few ways to measure whether or not you truly love the Word.

Diagnosing & Mortifying the Sin of Complaining – Geoffrey R. Kirkland
Complaining isn’t, however, the real issue. Complaining is the outward manifestation of other heart-sins taking place in that moment. Let’s diagnose complaining. When we complain, we manifest three heart-sins that are all taking place together.

Worshiping a Golden Calf on Sunday Morning is Deceptively Easy – Jared Wilson
On Sundays, our sanctuaries fill with people seeking worship, and not one person comes in set to neutral. We must take great care, then, not to assume that even in our religious environments, where we put the Scriptures under so many noses, that it is Jesus the exalted Christ who is being worshiped.

Hope you have a great Lord’s Day!


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