I Kings 17-22: The Days of Elijah

(17) Elijah announces a drought because of Israel’s wickedness.  How does God provide for Elijah in v2-7?  In v8-16?

What are the miraculous results for the widow and her son (v8-23)?

To what conclusion does the widow come in v24?

How might people see and come to know God through us?

(18) What question does Elijah ask the people in v21?

When are we tempted to limp (falter, waver, hesitate) in this way?

The prophets of Baal literally “limp” around their altar (v26).  Why is trusting in something other than the Lord like limping? How have you seen this in your life or in other people?

Why does Elijah want God to send fire from heaven (v37)?  What happens when the fire falls?

(19) Elijah plunges from the mountain top of success to the valley of depression.  What outward event triggers his depression (v1-2)?

From the text, what do you think is going on inside Elijah that allows this outward event to trigger his despair?

What does God do so that Elijah will know the Lord (v11-12)?

What does God do to shake Elijah out of his depression?

(20) Back in Israel, Syria invades the country twice.  Both times, God defeats the enemy.  Why (v13, 28)?

(20-22) Despite all the evidence and all the opportunities for Ahab to know and follow the Lord, he continues to go his own way.  What are the results for those around him?  For him?


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