Reflections on I Kings 19-22

Elijah flees to the desert, and God shows his power.

  • Depression – Elijah is depressed. He has fought hard, and won the battle, but one opponent knocks him down.  Now he is weary and ready to give up.  How does God restore him?  With rest, food, exercise, the presence of God, a renewed purpose, and companionship.  How might these things help you when you are depressed?
  • God over all – The Syrian king thinks God is a God of the hills, but not of the valleys and plains. God shows himself God over all places.  He cannot be contained or limited to one place.  You can never go outside of his sphere of activity.  What struggles are you facing?  God is still God even in your place of struggle.  Trust in him and wait for him to act.

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