II Kings 14-17 & II Chronicles 25-28: King & Exile

(2K14-16) Trace the kings of Judah and Israel.  How long did each reign?  Did they do right or evil in God’s sight?  How did they die?

What observations or applications can you make from your summary of these kings?

The first three kings in Judah did right except…  What were the exceptions?  What are the exceptions in your life?

How do you see God’s control during this period (14:25-28, 15:10-12, 15:37 – see also II Chronicles 28:1-6)?

(2K17) This chapter records the exile of Israel.  What reasons are given for their exile?  Make a list.

What do these reasons tell you about God?  About people?

(2Ch25) How did Amaziah respond to God’s instruction through the prophet in v5-11?  What were the results?

How did Amaziah respond to God’s instruction through the prophet in v14-24?  What were the results?

What application might you draw from this contrast?

(2Ch26) How do v4-5 highlight the importance of godly instruction?  What applications can we draw for our own lives?  Our families?

What was Uzziah’s downfall (v16a), how was it expressed (v16b-19a), and what were the results (v19b-21)?

When are you tempted to be proud?

(2Ch25-28) How would you describe the heart of Amaziah (25:2)?  Uzziah (26:4-5)?  Jotham (27:2,6)?

How are these kings like us?

How do these kings point to the need of a greater future King?


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