Reflections on Amos 1-5

God is sending judgment upon the nations, and especially Israel, because of their sins.  He calls Israel to return to Him.

  • Oppression – Israel was condemned for their oppression of the poor. They were violent; they robbed, they oppressed, they crushed the poor.  All the while, they were getting rich (3:10-4:1).  Are there ways that you oppress the poor?  How might you help them instead?
  • Religion Game – God also condemned the people for playing the religion game. They continued to offer sacrifices and keep feasts and sing praises, but they were not walking with God.  God called them to walk in justice and righteousness (5:21-24); without these things their rituals are empty.  Are you walking with justice and righteousness?  Or are you just playing the religion game?
  • Return – Again and again, God disciplined Israel, but they refused to return to him (4:6-11). God called the people to seek the Lord that they may live (5:4-6).  He told them to seek good, rather than evil, that they might live (5:14-15).  But they refused to listen.  How has God disciplined you?  Are you listening?  Are you seeking the Lord?  Are there ways you need to change?

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