Reflections on Hosea 4-7

God wants Israel to seek and know Him, but they have turned away and refuse to return.

  • Sin – Hosea recounts some of their sin in 4: 2. They swear, lie, murder, steal, and commit adultery. The latter three you may avoid in practice, but what about your heart: do you hate or get angry, covet, or lust (Matthew 5:21:30)?  And how do you use your tongue?  Do you swear or curse?  Do you lie or deceive?  Is there sin in your life for which you need to repent?
  • Know God – God wants his people to love him, to know him in a real relationship (6:6). But Hosea makes clear that they do not know God (4:1, 6; 5:4).  How well do you know God?  Not about God – how well do you know him?  Are you seeking to grow in your relationship with God?  Will you press on to know Him (6:3)?

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