Isaiah 1-6: Of God and Men

(1, 3, 5) What is God’s diagnosis of Israel in 1:2-15?

What further sins does God point out?
1:21-23 –
3: 9, 11, 13-17 –
5:8-12, 18-23 –

What does God call Israel to do, and what would be the results (1:16-18)?

What would happen if they refused?
1:20 –
3:1-8, 5:5-6 –
3:18-26, 5:13-14, 5:24-30 –

(1-5) What names and attributes are given to God in 1:4, 1:24, 2:10, 5:16?  What overall picture of God are we given?

(2) What will God do with human pride in v9-22?

When are we tempted toward pride?

When are we tempted to regard men instead of God (v22)?

From the text, what do you think is the antidote?

(6) In chapters 1-5 we see God’s greatness, man’s sin, man humbled, man called to repent, and the results if they will repent.  How do you see these same themes in 6:1-7?

How does v6-7 point forward to Jesus?

What task is Isaiah given, and what success will he have in v8-13?  What might we learn from these verses?

(2, 4) What pictures of our future hope are given in 2:1-5, and 4:2-6?

How might we respond today to this future hope?


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