Isaiah 13-20: God’s Purpose Stands

(14) What general truth do you learn about God’s purpose in v26-27?  How would that encourage Judah as they are surrounded by hostile nations?  How might that encourage us when we are surrounded by hostile trials of various sorts?

(13-14) What does God purpose for Babylon (13:1-8)?  For the world (13:9-11)?

What three reasons are given (13:11a, 11b; 14:1-2)?  How do all these reasons relate to each other?

(14) Who do you think Isaiah is talking about in v12-15?  Why? What does God purpose for this individual?

How do people in our culture act like this individual?  Give examples.

How should we act differently as Christians, and why (see Philippians 2:1-11)?

(15-16) What does God purpose for Moab?  Why (16:6)?

Why do you think God hates pride so much?

In 16:5, we see a throne.  Whose throne is it?  How is the throne, and the one who sits on it, described?  Why is each description important and how do they all relate together?

(17) What does God purpose for Damascus (v1-2)?  Who gets lumped in with their judgment (v3)?  What lesson can we learn about making alliances?  In what contexts might we apply that lesson today?

(18-20) What does God purpose for Cush and Egypt?

Where had Judah and their neighbors placed their hope of deliverance from Assyria (20:1-6)?  What warning do you see?

What remarkable promise do we find in 19:18-25?  How do we see this fulfilled throughout church history?  In the future?


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