Isaiah 21-27: Our Lord Acts

(21-25) Repeatedly in these chapters, God is referred to as the Lord of Hosts.  He has all of the hosts of heaven at his command.  The imagery speaks of his power and rule.  How do we see his strength and sovereignty play out in these chapters?

(21-25) Four times we read that certain things will happen – for the Lord has spoken (21:17, 22:25, 24:3, 25:8).  When God speaks things happen.  Where else in the Bible do we see this?

God’s words define reality.  What significance does this have for our identity?  How we define right and wrong?  Salvation?  The future?  The relevance of the Bible today?

(23-27) Our Lord humbles the proud in 23:9, 25:11.  Why do you think God keeps repeating this theme?

Our Lord helps the poor in 25:4.  How does each picture word: stronghold, shelter, shade – illustrate this truth?  How has he been these things for you?

Our Lord will host people for a great feast (25:6).  What does this tell you about God?

Our Lord will swallow up death forever (25:7-8, 26:19).  How should this truth change our lives?  How was it accomplished?

Our Lord will slay the serpent dragon (27:1, see also Revelation 12:9).  How does this give you hope?

(25-26) How should we respond to our Lord’s actions according to the following verses?  Based on what we have learned about God, why is each response a good response?

25:9a –                                 Why do we struggle to do this?

26:3-4 –                               What will be the result?

26:8b-9a –                           What might this look like?

25:1 –                                   How might you grow in this response?


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