Isaiah 28-35: Look to the Lord

(28) Where did Ephraim look for a crown of glory and beauty (v1)?  Where should they have looked (v5)?  Where do we tend to look?

God offered rest to Judah, but they refused (v12). They looked elsewhere for refuge (v14-15).  Where else do people look for rest and refuge today?

God lays the foundation of true rest and refuge (v16).  How does Peter apply this point for us today (I Peter 2:4-6)?

(29) God is gathering an enemy to surround Jerusalem, but then he will scatter their enemy.  To whom should they look for help?

What was wrong with the way the people looked to God (v13)?  How might we do this today (see also Mark 7:1-7)?

Instead of looking to God, Judah tried to hide so God wouldn’t see them (v15-16).  When do we try to hide from God?

(30-31) Judah looks to Egypt to save them, but Egypt can’t help them.  Where should they have looked, and what does he offer to them (30:15)?

Why weren’t they willing (30:16-17)?  Why might we be unwilling?

(32) We get a picture of an ideal king in v1-2.  How is he described?  Explore each word picture.

Who is the ultimate fulfillment of this ideal king?  How do you need him to be things for you today?

What will the Spirit bring (v15-17)?

(33) Isaiah looks to Lord for help (v2).  How is the Lord described in v5-6?  Give an example of when he has been these things for you.

(34-35) God will judge the nations (34), but redeem his people (35).  What is the mood of chapter 35?  How can this be your mood?


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