Isaiah 36-39, II Kings 18-20, II Chronicles 29-32: Hezekiah

(2K18) What words are used to describe Hezekiah in v1-6?

How does his example challenge you?

(2Ch29-30) What is Hezekiah’s first order of business (29:3-19)?

Describe the worship that followed (29:20-36).  Note their actions, mood, and motives.

Describe their preparations for, and their keeping of, the Passover in chapter 30.  Note their decisions, actions, mood, and motives.

What can we learn from their example in chapters 29-30?

(Is36) What is the main issue the Assyrian official raises in his speeches (see especially v4-7, 15)?  What three options do the people of Jerusalem have?

What options do we have when trials come against us?

(Is37) Isaiah encourages Hezekiah not to fear – God will take care of the Assyrians (v1-7).  The Assyrians leave to fight another battle, but send a letter to Hezekiah threatening they will return (v8-13).  How does Hezekiah respond (v14-15)?

How does Hezekiah describe God (v16-17)?

What does Hezekiah ask God to do (v17-20)?  Why (v20)?

What can we learn from Hezekiah’s prayer?

How did God respond to Hezekiah’s prayer (v21-38)?

(Is 38-39, II Chron32) Hezekiah became sick.  Once again Hezekiah prayed to God, and God healed him.  How did Hezekiah respond to his healing (II Chron 32:24-26)?  How did this response show itself (Isaiah 39)?  How might we be tempted in the same way?

What were the results?  What warning is there for us?


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