Reflections on Isaiah 40-42

Isaiah predicted that Babylon would come back in chapter 39.  Now he begins to speak words of comfort and hope to those who will be taken into captivity.

  • Great God – None can compare to God. The nations and rulers are as nothing before him.  Idols are foolish.  This great God can help us, strengthen us, and uphold us (41:10).  Look to him in your trouble.  And praise your great God.
  • Chosen Servant – Isaiah 42 is the first of four servant songs. God will raise up his chosen servant, and the Spirit will rest upon him (v1).  This servant will bring forth justice (v2, 3, 4).  He will be gentle (v2-3) and will bring healing and restoration (v6-7).  Rejoice, for this servant has come and is coming again – his name is Jesus!

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