Reflections on Isaiah 43-48

Isaiah reminds the people that there is only one true God who will restore them.

  • One True God – Again and again we read that there is only one true God. Idols are folly.  None can stop God when he acts.  God is the Creator who made us for his glory.  He is with us so we need not fear.  How does the presence of the one true God give you courage?  How are you living for his glory?
  • God Our Savior – God promises to save Israel by raising up a man named Cyrus to bring the people back to the land (44:28-45:1). This prediction is given over 100 years before the Persian king Cyrus is born, and Cyrus does indeed let the people return to the land. Truly God is in control, and he moves for the good of his people.  Praise the Lord!

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