Reflections on Isaiah 63-66

Judgment is coming against those who reject God, but a glorious day is coming for God’s people.

  • Humility – God will look to the one who is humble before him (66:2). We have every reason to be humble before God, for even our best righteousness is as filthy rags (64:6).  So part of our humility is to have contrite, repentant spirits.  Humbly we tremble at his Word (66:2).  Are you humble before God?  Are you repentant of your sins?  Do you tremble at his Word?
  • Great Day – Isaiah 65 and 66 speak of a great day coming. It will be a day without weeping, a day without strife.  And all shall come to see the glory of the Lord and worship him together.  What a great hope we have!

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