Micah 1-7: Judgment, Promise, Expectation

(1-2, 6) What sins does God confront in 1:7; 2:1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 11?

How does God respond to their sin (6:9-16)?  What does this tell you about God?

(3) What groups of people does God condemn, and why (v1-4, v5-7, v9-11)?  What would be the result (v12)?

How is Micah different (v8)?

In what ways is our role today as individual Christians and as a church similar to and different from Micah’s role in v8?

(4) What promises does God make for the future (v1-4, compare Isaiah 2:1-4)?

“All the peoples walk each in the name of its god” (v5a).  How do you see this today in America?

What does it look like for us to walk in the name of the Lord instead (v5b)?

(5) What promise is made in v2?  Who is this (see Matthew 2:6)?

What will he do (v4-5a)?

(6) What three things does God expect of his people (v8)?

Give examples of what each would look like in your daily life?  In your family and neighborhood?  At your job?

(7) Surrounded by ungodliness (v1-6), how does Micah respond (v7)?  How does this complement 3:8?  What other responses might we be tempted to make?

What important confession does Micah make in v9?  How should that affect our response to an ungodly world?

What will God do for his people (v18-20)?  How do you think we should respond?


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