Reflections on Micah 1-4

Micah proclaims judgment for Judah and Israel because of their idolatry and oppression, and one day these sins will be no more.

  • Idolatry and Oppression – Israel is condemned for their idolatry (1:6-7), while Judah is condemned for their oppression of the poor (2:1-3, 3:1-3). What idols lurk in your heart?  Are there ways you are oppressing others?
  • Coming Shepherd-King – While judgment is coming for their sin, God will one day raise up a king to gather the people like sheep and lead them (2:12-13). Jesus came to be our Good Shepherd to gather and lead us (John 10) and one day reign as King.
  • End of Oppression and Idolatry – Though there may be these sins today, there is coming a day when they will be no more. God will judge the people and restore those who have been oppressed (4:3-7).  God will cut off idolatry (5:13-14).  Imagine a world free of oppression and idolatry!

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