Reflections on Micah 5-7

Micah shows us God’s response and our proper response to the ungodly world around us.

  • Coming Shepherd-King – A ruler will come from Bethlehem to shepherd the people and bring forth peace (5:2-4). Matthew references these verses in his account of Jesus’ birth.  The Shepherd-King has been born and will return to usher in peace.  Even so, come, Lord Jesus!
  • What the Lord Requires – In the midst of all the injustice, God calls Israel to love justice, to show mercy (or love), and to walk in humility before God (6:8). In what ways are these three expectations true in your life?  In what ways do you fall short?
  • Look to the Lord – In the midst of the oppression, Micah says he will look to the Lord (7:7). God will show compassion and forgive sins (7:18-20).  In what oppressive situations do you need to look to the Lord?  For what sins do you need to look to the Lord for forgiveness?

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