II Kings 21-23 & II Chronicles 33-35: Pay Attention

(2K-21) Manasseh did what was evil in God’s sight (v2).  What evil did he do (v1-9)?

How did God respond (v10-15)?  What does this remind you about God?

(2Ch-33) Again we read of Manasseh’s evil in v1-9.  God confronted Manasseh, but Manasseh paid no attention (v10).  How did God finally get Manasseh’s attention (v11)?

Describe Manasseh’s response to his distress (v12-13).  What did God do (v13)?

How did Manasseh follow-through with his repentance after he returned to Jerusalem (v15-16)?

Why do you think it often takes a great trial for God to get someone’s attention?

(2K-21) Describe Amon’s reign (v19-22).  How was he like and unlike his father Manasseh?  What happened to him (v23)?

(2K-22) How did God get Josiah’s attention, and how did Josiah respond (v8-13)?

How is his response a good example for us (see Isaiah 66:2)?

What bad news and good news did God give through the prophetess to Josiah in v14-20?

(2K-23) How did Josiah further respond to God’s Word in v1-24?

Why was Josiah’s follow-through so important?

How is Josiah described in v25?  Are you giving your all to God?

How did God first get your attention?  How did you respond?

From Josiah’s example, how should we respond to the reading and hearing of God’s Word?  Be specific.


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