Nahum 1-3: Against The Enemy

(1) What do you learn about God in v2-6?

What do you learn about God in v7?

Why must God be all the things in v2-6 in order to be all the things he is in v7?

Though Nineveh plots against God and is strong, God will destroy them (v8-14).  Why is this good news for Judah (v15, see also v12b-13)?  For us?

(2) Nineveh will be destroyed.  Why (v2, 13)?

Nineveh’s wealth will be plundered (v9).  What lesson is there for us in this?

(3) Again, Nineveh will be destroyed.  Why (v1, 5)?

God is against all people because of their sin (Romans 1:18).  What is our only hope, how does this change everything (Romans 8:1, 31)?

Who will grieve for Nineveh, and why (v7, 19)?

Thebes was a strong well-protected city, but it fell (v8-10).  What lesson is Nineveh to learn from this?

What lesson should we learn?

(1-3) Nahum’s name means “comfort.”  How would this short book be a comfort to Judah?

How can this book be a comfort to you?

Look again at 1:2-7.  How might these verses encourage you to trust God in your trials?

Praise God?

Fear God?


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