Reflections on Nahum 1

Nahum proclaims the greatness of our God and predicts the coming fall of Nineveh.

  • God’s Wrath – God hates sin. He gave Nineveh a chance to repent through Jonah, but their repentance was short lived.  Now God’s wrath would be poured out in judgment.  God’s wrath is serious.  Praise the Lord that Jesus bore our sin and God’s wrath in our place!
  • Stronghold – While this book is bad news for Nineveh, it is good news for Judah. Nineveh had come against them and almost destroyed them, but God had been their stronghold.  Now God would be their stronghold in delivering Judah from Nineveh forever (1:7).  This was good news (1:15).  How do you need God to be your stronghold today?

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