Zephaniah 1-3: The Day of the Lord

(1) The Day of the Lord is coming when God will bring judgment against Judah (v4–13) and one day the whole world (v2-3, 17-18).  What brings God’s judgment (v4-6, 8-9, 12, 17)?

Why do you think we are instructed to be silent before the Lord (v7)?

(2) God will judge the nations around Judah.  What brings God’s judgment (v7-11, 15)?

(3) God will judge Judah.  What brings God’s judgment (v1-7)?

From these three chapters, how would you summarize what brings God’s judgment?

What application do you see for us today?

(3) The Day of the Lord brings judgment, but also blessing.  What promise does God make to the nations for future blessing (v9-10)?

Why is this promise important for us?  How is it brought about (see Ephesians 2:11-13)?

Who will God remove and leave (v11-13)?

What further promises does God make for future blessing (v15-20)?

How does v17 encourage you?

How should we respond (v14)?  Why don’t we do this more?

(2) In response to the coming Day of the Lord, Zephaniah calls God’s people to seek three things (v3).  What are they?

In the context of the book, why these three things?

What would it look like for us to seek these things?


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