Habakkuk 1-3: Trust in the Lord

(1) What lament does Habakkuk bring to God (v2-4)?  When have you made a similar lament?

What answer does God give to his prayer (v5-11)?

Is this the answer Habakkuk was looking for (v12-17)?  What troubles him about God’s answer?  What troubles you about God’s answer?

(2) What is Habakkuk going to do (v1)?  How is this a good example for us?

God says that the righteous shall live by faith (v4).  In what ways does Habakkuk need faith in this situation?  What is the implied object of this faith?

How does the New Testament apply this faith in Romans 1:17 and Galatians 3:11?

The faith of the righteous is contrasted with the pride of the unrighteous (v4).  Why are pride and faith mutually exclusive?

God declares five woes upon Babylon for their sin (v6-20).  How would this encourage Habakkuk to trust God?

How do v18-20 contrast a person who trusts in idols with our trust in God?

(3) From Habakkuk’s prayer, how would you describe his view of God (v1-16)?  How would this understanding encourage him to trust God?  Encourage you to trust God?

How does trust enable joy in tough times (v17-19)?

(1-3) How do trust and prayer each require the other, and how does Habakkuk illustrate this?

In what situation do you need to trust God today?  What have you learned from this book to help you trust God in that situation?

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