A Gentle Life


To speak evil of (malign, slander) no one, to avoid quarreling (brawling, be peaceable), to be gentle (considerate, kind), and to show perfect courtesy (meekness, consideration, gentleness) toward all people.
– Titus 3:2 ESV (Other Translations)

 The word “gentle” is also translated “considerate” or “kind.”  A gentle person considers the needs and feelings of others.  A gentle person, in consideration of the other person, is then kind towards them instead of mean.

Other characteristics in the verse all relate to gentleness too.  A gentle person doesn’t attack others with her words.  She doesn’t speak evil of people, slandering and maligning them.  She doesn’t fight with others, quarreling or brawling.  A gentle person is courteous, considerate, and polite towards others.

Are you gentle like this with others in your speech and actions?

At work? At school?  Driving in your car?  On Facebook?

How well does this verse describe your life?


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