A New Start

As anyone who follows this blog knows, I have not been posting much for the last several months.  Life has been busy.  And I’ve wondered how important it is to do this blogging thing. At the same time, I have been thinking about what this blog could look like, what I’d like to do with it, and what would be feasible to do.  I had planned to re-boot it, as it were, with the new year, but didn’t get there.  I think I am ready to re-start this week.

Once again, I plan to have collections from other blogs on Wednesdays and Saturdays – recommended readings for our growth in loving God and people in response to his love for us.  Thursdays will continue good quotes from books I have been reading.

Fridays will start a new feature I am calling Rest Reflections.  I have been reading a lot about rest, why we need it, what keeps us from it, and what it looks like. I definitely swing towards the workaholic side of the pendulum, but I’m finding I need to slow down and rest.  So I’m trying to learn what that looks like, and each week I’ll be sharing helpful quotes I find about what I am discovering about rest.  Frenzied, hurried, weary saints don’t love well, so this is a topic that fits well with the theme of this blog.

Tuesdays begins another regular feature called Preaching Point.  As a pastor, I spend a lot of time preparing and delivering sermons, and I want to refine my preaching.  So again, I have plans to read a lot about preaching this year – this is my second reading focus for 2019 – and I plan to share helpful quotes each Tuesday.

Mondays, finally, will be a variety of posts. Once a month will be a “Scripture Speaks to Our Suffering” post – a monthly passage of Scripture to ponder, even memorize, to help us in our suffering.  Also, we will return to the Passion Catechism with Q&A’s and related verses to help us learn and know the basic Christian Faith. And then finally, I hope to share some personal reflections on rest and preaching from what I have been reading.

So that’s the plan.  We’ll see how it goes.  If any of this looks helpful to you, I invite you to join me, or continue to join me, on this journey.

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